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The TK Archive at U-Michigan (Tuesday, February 20, 2001)
ĚThe University of Michigan has accepted 15,000 personal papers of Unabomber-murderer Ted Kaczynski (an alumnus) and is housing them with, according to a December San Francisco Chronicle report, "all the academic solemnity that, say, Churchill's papers received when they went to Cambridge." Said a Kaczynski biographer, "Ted is obsessed with his public image." The university's decision is ironic, said Kaczynski's former prosecutor Steven Lapham, who points out that the man's private journals, introduced in his trial, showed that contrary to his alleged social and environmental reasons for his serial bombings, he merely "enjoyed taking other people's lives because he could."

The NEXT Industrial Revolution (Monday, November 27, 2000)
The Atlantic Monthly, October 1998. "Eco-efficiency," the current industrial buzzword, will neither save the environment nor foster ingenuity and productivity, the authors say. They propose a new approach that aims to solve rather than alleviate the problems that industry makes. "Eco-efficiency is an outwardly admirable and certainly well-intended concept, but, unfortunately, it is not a strategy for success over the long term, because it does not reach deep enough. It works within the same system that caused the problem in the first place, slowing it down with moral proscriptions and punitive demands. It presents little more than an illusion of change. Relying on eco-efficiency to save the environment will in fact achieve the opposite -- it will let industry finish off everything quietly, persistently, and completely."

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond (Friday, August 18, 2000)
The Fate of Human Societies. How was it that Europeans discovered the New World and not Africans or Chinese? Sometimes the simplest, most obvious question provokes the best answer.

AN OPEN LETTER TO PRINCE CHARLES (Thursday, August 17, 2000)
by Richard Dawkins -- Your Reith lecture saddened me. I have deep sympathy for your aims, and admiration for your sincerity. But your hostility to science will not serve those aims; and your embracing of an ill-assorted jumble of mutually contradictory alternatives will lose you the respect that I think you deserve. I forget who it was who remarked: "Of course we must be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out."

Causes of Schizophrenia (RealAudio - NPR's Talk of the Nation) (28 Jul 2000)
Some scientists are studying whether giving anti-psychotic drugs to teenagers deemed at risk for developing schizophrenia could actually prevent the disease--a controversial approach because it's so tough to determine who's at risk. In this hour, we'll discuss the causes of schizophrenia, including the role of genetics and a theory that viruses trigger the illness.

Related... www.netfuture.org (Friday, January 28, 2000)
"The Trouble with Ubiquitous Technology Pushers"
Kevin Kelly writes in NetFuture.

You have my applause and respect for the direction you are headed ... many have failed in it so far: present a critical view of technology that is convincing to the technologists themselves.

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A short interview with anarchist John Zerzan after the Dec 1999 WTO protests.

Kaczynski Says Guilty Plea Coerced (Tuesday, January 18, 2000)

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Have you heard of EVERYTHING? (Tuesday, December 14, 1999)
This is the THEODORE KACZYNSKI entry at EVERYTHING. Get an account there and add nodes if you are interested...

Disney Film (Friday, December 10, 1999)
Disney is going to be work on a film called UNABOMBER.

Truth Vs Lies is canned? (Monday, November 8, 1999)
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